Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Podcast Network TV?

The first answer is, we are fun!  The Podcast Network is a brand new platform that delivers exciting content in video and streaming format.  Both Videos and Podcast Episodes are to be found here as well as live streaming events!

What is the difference in this platform and others?

Let's look at two examples, YouTube and Itunes Podcasts... both platforms have great features however neither one offers our unique content and monentization for publishers, viewers and members, meaning, our platform has the latest, "Internet of Things" as well as very current and exciting content that is plugged in to income streams for our members and publishers.

What can I do on your network?

First you can enjoy our free area and then for exclusive content you can become a premium member to gain access to a whole new level of the latest and greatest stuff on the net today!  You can also if you want, upload your own video or podcast episodes, make your own channel, get likes, communicate with our other users and members, make money, plug in to some really cool programming and more.

I am an internet marketer can your platform do anything for me that other platforms I use can't?

Yes, yes and YES! Not only can we monentize you in ways that no one else has been able to accomplish, such as paying our reseller members 50% of all the premium membership fees of all the people they refer and also paying you one half of all the commnission checks that everone you have ever referred or will ever refer makes!  The money you can make is wonderful and the experience here if truly fun and of value.  Just think about getting your own channel and doing regular podcasts that will build your brand to everyone who joins our network and has a look around to see all the stuff they get access too.