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Looking after your health is important but you can also see considerable boosts in your happiness and productivity by looking to your tech and set-up…

The Right Hardware
One tip that I absolutely recommend to all internet marketers, bloggers and other internet entrepreneurs, is to invest in good technology.

When you’re an internet marketer, you’re essentially a one-man (or woman) band. That means that you ARE the business.

Your passion projects are your R&D. And your equipment is your main computer. If you are working on a machine that takes 5 minutes to boot up, that gets hot whenever it is under even a minor workload and that regularly crashes… then you absolutely must upgrade.

You’ll save a huge amount of time by having a computer that springs instantly to life and you’ll avoid those painful moments where your computer crashes and you lose all that work you’ve been doing.

But the reasons to invest in good tech go way beyond that. They extend to the simple fact that good tech is more pleasant and enjoyable to work on. When I upgraded to the Dell XPS 15, I suddenly had a 4K screen, a blazing fast i7 processor with a GPU, a comfortable keyboard and typing experience…

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